Japanese Education

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”

Nelson Mandela

One of the most meaningful facets of human experience is our ability to interact with others. It is amazing to be able to converse with someone in their mother tongue. A multilingual has a rare opportunity to connect with a wider variety of people in both their personal and professional lives.
Language proficiency can be a huge competitive gain that right away sets you apart from your monolingual counterparts. Multilinguistic ability is amongst the top eight skills needed for all occupations—regardless of the sector or competence level—and demand for multilingual professionals is increasing exponentially.
Polyglot-A person who speaks multiple languages
Polyglot-A person who speaks multiple languages
Several cognitive advantages of learning new languages are obvious. Individuals who can communicate in more than one dialect have better memory, problem-solving ability, critical-thinking skills, increased focus, and enhanced listening abilities. They toggle between competing tasks and track changes in their surroundings more easily than monolinguals, as well as show signs of greater imagination and versatility. Many studies have even concluded that learning a new language improves the brain’s functionality and is also quite effective against many old age diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
As we learn a new dialect and explore history, we naturally draw parallels to what we know best. Gaining insights into a whole new community sheds light on facets of our own.
Travelling as a local speaker can revolutionise a trip abroad. Although monolingual tourists prefer visiting same places, it is easier for travellers who know local dialect to navigate beyond the typical tourist zones and communicate and engage with the place and its people in a way that is often incomprehensible to those without the necessary linguistic skills. In short, One can participate more efficiently and responsibly in a multi-cultural world by knowing foreign languages.
Language is the most direct link to other cultures, their history, and mannerisms. Being able to speak in another language reveals and promotes an understanding of the customs, beliefs, heritage and culture of people connected with that language. Greater comprehension, in turn, encourages greater sensitivity, sympathy, and acceptance of others. We get to make friends and meet acquaintances who are different from us and learn to appreciate cultural diversity. A research finding showed that children who have learned another language are more receptive and optimistic about the cultures associated with that language.
In a world that speaks more than 6,000 languages, translation is often needed, but understanding at least one additional language emboldens us to access knowledge that would otherwise be out of bounds.
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Akshatha Rithesh

Abhishek Sensei is one of the best Indian Japanese instructor I have come across. His style of teaching is very unique. He makes sure that you learn this language for the best use outside the classroom as well.

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Akshitha C, Software Engineer, IBM

Review It was a great learning experience under the guidance of Abhishek Sensei. His interactive teaching sessions helped me to learn the language and understand it better.

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Vinay Vibhakar, Business Associate- TCS

Amazing learning experience with Abhishek Sensei. He was really knowledgeable in Japanese and made the learning process fun and interactive. I would really recommend learning under Abhishek Sensei

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Rajesh MN, Student

The instructor is awesome. Makes learning Japanese language easier and is quite fluent in the language. I learnt the language from him while I was studying in Bengaluru City University. I would really recommend learning the language under his guidance.

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Pushpalatha Pal,Teacher

He is good teacher and has the grip of the language very well...very attentive and help students to understand the language and not in a rush to teach

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Sakshi Agarwal, Student

I had an amazing experience attending his classes. We had class expedition to Japanese food festivals that helped us get the feel of Japanese culture and cuisine. The classes are well paced and the teaching is really thorough.

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Shekar Anantha Rao, Manager, ITC

Awesome experience with Abhishek sensei. Very encouraging and fascinating

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Mamtha Venkatesh, Software Engineer, Nokia

Excellent teaching!!