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The Increasing Popularity of Japanese language

Japan is the third-largest economy in the world and 5th Largest FDI investor in India. It is a world leader in the field of Automobiles, Electronics and Semiconductors. These are a few renowned and reliable Japanese brands having a formidable presence, both in India and abroad.
Japan-The Land of Rising Sun
Japan-The Land of Rising Sun

Japanese language course is quite popular among professionals and students alike as it has a lot to offer in terms of career growth. A highly proficient team of Japanese tutors with rich experience can aptly guide aspirants from diverse backgrounds. The emergence of online language courses has made learning, even more, easier and accessible, especially for working professionals and beginners. IT, automobiles, and healthcare are some of the industries that explicitly ask for Japanese language proficiency.

With the written and spoken mastery over the language, a plenty of opportunities automatically open up:

Burgeoning Demand in IT services

Japan is the second-largest IT market after the USA. The demand for Software and IT engineers is high, especially those who are bilingual and have technical skills. The country is expected to face a shortfall of about eight lakhs IT engineers by 2030— In the next two years, the demand is going to spike hard with more than 2 lac skilled professionals required.
On average, 1.5 million Indian students pass out with an IT degree. Learning the Japanese Language can add to their core skill and improve their employability in the Japanese market, which is currently not tapped to its potential. Indian engineers are in demand as prominent Indian IT giants such as TCS, Infosys, are in process of collaborating with Japanese companies.

Providing for the Automobile industry

Japan is one of the prime investors in the Indian automobile industry. 20% of the FDI inflow in the Indian automobile industry is from Japan. Renault Nissan is the world’s largest automobile company, formed out of Japan-Germany Collaboration. The coveted Toyota—quite famous and high on demand in Indian automobile markets, also comes from Japan and is the second-largest automobile manufacturer in the world. In fact, 61% of the Indian Automobile Market belongs to Indo-Japanese Joint Ventures.
With such massive influence of Japanese companies in Indian Automobile Sector, automobile engineering skills along with Japanese language certification is an added advantage from the career perspective.

Automobile industry

Rising Requirements in the Healthcare Sector

Since 1/3rd of the population in Japan is elderly, the demand for efficient health care workers is on the surge. Huge opportunities for Indians lie ahead as there is going to be an estimated shortage of nearly 2.5 nurses by 2025. The Government of Japan is collaborating with the Government of India under the Asia Health and Wellbeing Initiative (AHWIN), to help the dispatch of Indian nursing trainees to Nursing Homes and Hospitals in Japan. This is going to create novel opportunities, especially for Indian Nursing Students. They’ll get exposure to new markets through learning new medical skills and technologies.
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) which is the largest bilateral donor agency in the world, has pledged 3500 crores to Prime Ministers’ Atmanirbhar Swasth Bharat Yojana to fight COVID 19.
With projects of such high scale and budget underway, and many health care opportunities opening up in Japan, proficiency in Japanese is only going to brighten the prospects of interested aspirants.

Increasing Collaborations in Infrastructure Projects

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has also invested 3000 crores in Bengaluru Metro and other infrastructure projects in India such as Chennai and Vishakapatnam port.
Yamuna Action Plan project Phase 2 comes under the National River Conservation Plan of the Government of India. It aims at improving the sanitation conditions of the river by increasing the sewage capacity of the old treatment plant. A loan amount of 13.3 billion yen with a 0.75 interest rate has been given by JBIC to support the endeavour.
Many soft loans have also been extended by Japan to about 25 states. Some of the development project in India that were discussed in Union budget 2019-20 and are funded by JICA include:

· Delhi mass rapid transport system
· Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC project)
· Ahmedabad metro project (Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train)

Rising collaborations call for a workforce that is not only skilled but is also well-versed in the native tongue to seamlessly communicate and conduct the operations. Learning Japanese can impart you with the much-needed tool that can help you beat the competition and stay on the top of your professional game.

Tutors at Ohana Japanese school command years of diverse working and teaching experience, making them understand each aspirant’s requirements well. We also offer customized Corporate Japanese language lessons online based on your area of service and its associated needs.

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Akshatha Rithesh

Abhishek Sensei is one of the best Indian Japanese instructor I have come across. His style of teaching is very unique. He makes sure that you learn this language for the best use outside the classroom as well.

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Akshitha C, Software Engineer, IBM

Review It was a great learning experience under the guidance of Abhishek Sensei. His interactive teaching sessions helped me to learn the language and understand it better.

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Vinay Vibhakar, Business Associate- TCS

Amazing learning experience with Abhishek Sensei. He was really knowledgeable in Japanese and made the learning process fun and interactive. I would really recommend learning under Abhishek Sensei

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Rajesh MN, Student

The instructor is awesome. Makes learning Japanese language easier and is quite fluent in the language. I learnt the language from him while I was studying in Bengaluru City University. I would really recommend learning the language under his guidance.

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Pushpalatha Pal,Teacher

He is good teacher and has the grip of the language very well...very attentive and help students to understand the language and not in a rush to teach

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Sakshi Agarwal, Student

I had an amazing experience attending his classes. We had class expedition to Japanese food festivals that helped us get the feel of Japanese culture and cuisine. The classes are well paced and the teaching is really thorough.

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Shekar Anantha Rao, Manager, ITC

Awesome experience with Abhishek sensei. Very encouraging and fascinating

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Mamtha Venkatesh, Software Engineer, Nokia

Excellent teaching!!