Japanese Education

Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum number is 10 students per class.

Class hours are decided based on the level of Japanese. Beginners will have classes 2 hours each on Saturday and Sunday. In the case most of the students are comfortable with weekday classes, weekday classes can be arranged for beginners. Intermediate students will have 6 hours of classes per week.4 hours on weekend and 2 hours on any other day of the week. 

Beginners will be taught using both Japanese and English. There are classes in Japanese and Hindi as well. Intermediate students will be taught in Japanese.

Japanese N5 and N4 are 80 hours each.N3 is 120 hours.

At the end of the each course, the students will appear for an exam. Once the student clears the exam he/she will receive a completion certificate from the school.

The school will provide online material ,PPTs and books. However the students are highly encouraged to buy the hard copies of course books . A hard book can help you to highlight main points and take down notes. The books are available on amazon.

Yes, the school helps in placement.

It takes around 300 hours and a N3 Level to master intermediate Japanese. Japanese companies usually look for N3 and above level of proficiency for hiring.