Japanese Education

As the world is becoming globalized, bilingualism is now considered as the most useful real world skill. The reason you are here shows your inclination towards mastering Japanese— one of the top 5 most useful languages to study.

A Bit About Us- Your Personal Japanese Language Trainer

My Name is Abhishek. Since Childhood I have always been curious about Japanese Culture. The Stealthy Ninjas, Brave Samurais and Japanese Animations interested me .After graduating from High School, I was standing on the cross road of my future and pondering over the subject I should select to study further. Since I had graduated in Business Stream from high school, I had the regular options of Economics and Business Management. But my interest in Japanese had grown stronger over the years and I decided to pursue a course in Japanese language.
With Students in Bangalore
With Students in Bangalore

That was the year 2000 and there were not many options available in India to pursue a course in JapaneseLanguage. In additional an unconventional carrier choice raises eyebrows from society. Fortunately there was one premier institute which offered a 3 year under graduate course [B.A(Hons) Degree] in Japanese Language. It was Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. I appeared for the joint entrance at the University and was able to secure a seat in Center for Japanese Language Literature and Cultural Studies.

For 3 years, I learnt the language, literature and culture from the best Native and Indian Teachers.

How I discovered my Ikigai

After graduating in 2003, I joined a MNC with a Japanese Process in Bangalore. The corporate exposure was good and it taught me professionalism, team work, interpersonal skills and problem solving skills. But deep down I had the passion for contributing more to the society and pass on the skills and learning. In other words I wanted to follow the path of IKIGAI a Japanese word which means Purpose of Life. And I realized that my IKIGAI was Japanese.  I started teaching Japanese from 2004. Since discovering my Ikigai, I have been teaching Japanese to young and old, from Junior School Students, College Youngsters, and Corporate Professionals to Homemakers and Senior Citizens. In 2017, I joined Bangalore University as Guest Lecturer and taught for 3 years. During this period I also had the opportunity to design a new Japanese Language Course for the University.

How ‘Ohana’ Was Found?

Moving a step ahead I decided to start my new school “Ohana” Japanese Language School in 2021.”Ohana”means flower in Japanese and you can see the image of the Flower’s Kanji (Japanese Alphabet System) in the logo.

The Objective of the Ohana Japanese School

The objective of the school is to provide a platform for all Japanese Lovers including me to learn from each other about Japanese Language Culture and Customs and promote Japanese Education in India and bring India and Japan cultural ties closer.
And don’t worry!!I Japanese language is closer to Indian Languages than English as we have the same grammatical structure .Therefore it is easy for us to grasp quickly. We have classes in English as well as Hindi. You can choose a language of your choice.

If Ohana and Other equally wonderful Japanese Schools across the world are able to provide quality Japanese education and enrich your life in some way, then we all will meet our IKIGAI. And that is our ambition. 

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Akshatha Rithesh

Abhishek Sensei is one of the best Indian Japanese instructor I have come across. His style of teaching is very unique. He makes sure that you learn this language for the best use outside the classroom as well.

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Akshitha C, Software Engineer, IBM

Review It was a great learning experience under the guidance of Abhishek Sensei. His interactive teaching sessions helped me to learn the language and understand it better.

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Vinay Vibhakar, Business Associate- TCS

Amazing learning experience with Abhishek Sensei. He was really knowledgeable in Japanese and made the learning process fun and interactive. I would really recommend learning under Abhishek Sensei

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Rajesh MN, Student

The instructor is awesome. Makes learning Japanese language easier and is quite fluent in the language. I learnt the language from him while I was studying in Bengaluru City University. I would really recommend learning the language under his guidance.

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Pushpalatha Pal,Teacher

He is good teacher and has the grip of the language very well...very attentive and help students to understand the language and not in a rush to teach

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Sakshi Agarwal, Student

I had an amazing experience attending his classes. We had class expedition to Japanese food festivals that helped us get the feel of Japanese culture and cuisine. The classes are well paced and the teaching is really thorough.

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Shekar Anantha Rao, Manager, ITC

Awesome experience with Abhishek sensei. Very encouraging and fascinating

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Mamtha Venkatesh, Software Engineer, Nokia

Excellent teaching!!